The Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BPGMEA) is an organization representing the interests of plastic goods manufacturers and exporters in Bangladesh. It serves as a platform for networking, advocacy, and support for the plastic industry within the country.

BPGMEA plays a significant role in promoting the growth and development of the plastic industry in Bangladesh by addressing various issues, such as policy advocacy, market access, technology upgradation, and skill development. The association also works to enhance the competitiveness of its members in both domestic and international markets.

With Bangladesh emerging as a significant player in the global plastic industry, BPGMEA plays a crucial role in facilitating trade and promoting the interests of its members on the international stage. The association collaborates with government agencies, industry stakeholders, and international organizations to address challenges and explore opportunities for the sector’s growth and sustainability.

Overall, BPGMEA serves as a vital platform for plastic goods manufacturers and exporters in Bangladesh, contributing to the industry’s development, competitiveness, and contribution to the country’s economy.

About Plastics
Plastic is one of the greatest inventions of present century and ranked within 10 inventions of modern era. First invented in 1869 by Mr. John Wesly Hyatt of New York City and used in multiple sector from food packaging to toys, from engineering to healthcare, from automobiles to game, from agriculture to aeronautics. Plastic has diversified uses and contribute to economic development of human civilization. In 1950 plastic production was 1.7 million tons and grew unto 375 million tons in 2018. Plastic has remarkable contribution in reduction of carbon emission by reducing automobiles weight by replacing steel components by plastic spares and also by increasing shelf life of food products and many more.

In Bangladesh plastic industry is growing @ 20% per annum year on year basis. Also plastic industry helps other industry to grow and support as linkage industry. Thus it was essential to have a Road Map of plastic industry by 2030 and linked with SDG attainment of GoB. Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BPGMEA) is grateful to Dr. Khondaker Golam Moazzem and his team for such extensive study and research for developing Road Map.
We believe this roadmap will help the planner, policy maker and academia to understand present status and future of plastic industry of Bangladesh. I am highly appreciating all those persons. economist, institutions, Govt. officials who has extended their support and knowledge to enrich this study. I firmly assure you that every five year we review the study and update statistics to make Road Map more useful.