Remarkable Achievement of BPGMEA

(1) BPGMEA, is an apex trade body for all manufacturing plastic industries in Bangladesh, is playing very important role for the growth of Plastic industries. The Association is governed by the D.T.O rules. BPGMEA an organization with total members of 2300 industries of Plastic Sector, set up in 1987 under license from Ministry of Commerce, GOB. The following year, it received registration of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

(2) BPGMEA’s own office purchased by the member’s finance and investment located at Paltan Tower: Suite# 603 & 604 (2585 Sft), 87 Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000.

(3) BPGMEA had been awarded by FBCCI as best Association of Bangladesh in 2011 for rendering services to their members and award given by the then Mr. Md. Zillur Rahman, Hon’ble President, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

(4) Ministry of Commerce has accorded a permanent Directorship in the FBCCI Board of Directors for further strengthening BPGMEA & for their past performances.

(5) Bangladesh Bank had been given to exercise EDF Fund for BPGMEA for indentifying exports of Plastic sector by FE Circular and Plastic Sector Exporters already avail this opportunity.

(6) NBR has given authority for recommending the new bond license & authority to renew the bond license of export oriented industry to BPGMEA. Also BPGMEA is contributing to national exchequer by collecting revenue from the bond license on behalf of GOB.

(7) NBR has given authority for issuing Utilization Declaration (UD) Issue to BPGMEA for their members like BGMEA & BKMEA. Now BPGMEA is on all out preparation for the commencement of UD Issue.

(8) BPGMEA is the dignified member of Asia Plastics Forum (APF) and has been participating the APF Conference since long.

(9) BPGMEA also helps their members for trade dispute settlement through a Duplicate Prevention Committee.

(10) BPGMEA already got 10% Cash Incentives against export of Plastic Products in order to enhance export trade of the country. BPGMEA members are taking this incentives. It may be mentioned that non bond industries are getting this facilities which is not enough for sector development. We demanded for inclusion all bond & non bond industries eligible for cash incentives.

(11) On the demand of Plastic sector, Ministry of Commerce set up a Plastic Product Business Promotion Council in the year 2012, the council has already been doing activities for the development of the sector.

(12) BPGMEA set up a training institute named Bangladesh Institute of Plastic Engineering And Technology (BIPET) and various training courses are going on one after another. In the meantime 3000 students were trained up from BIPET. After successful implementation of project 1000 trained person per annum will be come out to help the industry to grow. Now the permanent campus is being set up at Keranigonj on 125.87 decimal land. Mr. Tipu Munshi MP, Hon’ble Commerce Minister, Ministry of Commerce inaugurated the campus.

(13) Ministry of Industries is trying for setting up Plastic Industrial Park at Sirajdikhan, Munshiganj on 180 Acres of land. BSCIC under Industries Ministry is looking after the project.

(14) Plastic Sector was declared as one of the priority sectors in the country of the National Industrial Policy.

(15) BPGMEA has been holding International Plastic Fair (IPF) each year for the last few years. Near about 20 countries participate in the fair. Now IPF is a mega event in the South East Asia.

(16) BPGMEA has undertaken a project titled “Plastic Sector Roadmap-2030”.
Dr. Khondaker Golam Moazzem, Additional Research Director, Centre for Policy Dialogue has completed the report. It is expected to show this roadmap before the Govt. high up in a suitable time.

(17) The Ministry of Industry and BSCIC have decided to build an industrial city on 180 acres of land at Kharsur Mouza, Sirajdikhan, Munshiganj. The decision was taken at the 8th meeting of the steering committee of the project titled BSCIC Plastic Industrial City (1st Amendment) on November 7, 2022, chaired by the Industries Secretary. It has been decided to correct the DPP with the project duration till 2025.

(18) In the Chemical Pally of Sirajdikan, the government allotted 90 acres of land for setting up a plastic zone for plastic sector and 10 acres land for GETC by EC4j under the Ministry of Commerce. The project is underway to fill the soil.

(19) Plastics Industry Skills Council framed under Prime Minister’s Office National Skills Development Authority-2023 and now applied for registration to Ministry of Commerce as per the Company Law 28 Clause of 1994. DTO branch of the Ministry of Commerce already granted the license named “Plastics Industry Skills Council”.