Mission & Vision



BPGMEA, an apex trade body for all manufacturing plastic industries in Bangladesh, is playing very important role for the growth of Plastic industries. The Association is governed by the D.T.O rules. BPGMEA an organization with total members of 2100 industries of Plastic Sector, set up in 1987 under licence from Ministry of Commerce, GOB. BPGMEA’s own office purchased by the members finance and investment at Paltan Tower: Suite# 603 & 604 (2600 Sft), 87 Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000. 

Ministry of Commerce has accorded a permanent Directorship in the FBCCI Board for further strengthening BPGMEA & for their past performances.

BPGMEA is the dignified member of Asia Plastic Forum (APF) and has been participating the IPF conference since long. On the demand of Plastic sector, Ministry of Commerce set up a Plastic Product Business Promotion Council in the year 2012, the council has already had few meeting for the development of the sector. 


BPGMEA set up a training institute named BIPET (Bangladesh Institute of Plastic Engineering And Technology) and various training courses are going on one after another. In the meantime 620 students was trained up from BIPET. After successful implementation of project 1000 trained person per annum, will be trained to help the industry to grow. Now the permanent campus is being set up at Keranigonj on 129.32 decimal land. 

BPGMEA is now one of the strongest and the most effective trade Associations in Bangladesh. The membership of BPGMEA is steadily increasing. 


Objectives & Functions:

• To coordinate and promote the interest of BPGMEA all kinds of members. 

•  To facilitate and stimulate sector’s investment, development of trade, commerce & industrialization. 

•  To implement and organize trainings, seminars, symposiums and group discussion regarding the important issues, sector growth and potentiality of plastic sector. 

• To study and undertake research for promotion of trade and investment. 

• BPGMEA is engaged in capacity building and development of its member rendering various services. The facilities and the support to the plastic industry have been working as a catalyst to the industrial growth in Bangladesh.

• To collect and disseminate statistical data and sectoral informations for advancement of the sector.

• To provide a proper platform for the Sector entrepreneurs to network and to showcase their capabilities. 

•  To devise ways and means to accelerate the growth, promotion and  development of Industries. . 

•  BPGMEA has active role in policy formulations, negotiations with the government bodies and its exposure to the overseas plastic industries.

•  BPGMEA is committed to the protection of its members by assisting them to register their Patent Trade marks. Disputes regarding the patented goods are coordinated and settled at the association’s office by its standing committee members.

•  BPGMEA is committed to negotiate with all the government authorities in policy building.

• BPGMEA is committed to resolve issues related to the environment and have  been working continuously with the media and government authorities in Bangladesh.

• BPGMEA also helps their members for trade dispute settlement among through a committee.

• To put forward suggestions in the formulation of Government policy on Import, Export, Investment, Industrial relations, Fiscal measures, National Budget, rapid industrialization in the country. 

• To Promote Legislative and other measures affecting industries.

• To Promote the cause of productivity in Mills & Factories.

• The Executive Committee members of BPGMEA hold at least one monthly meeting to ensure best possible services to its members.

• BPGMEA has been holding an International Plastic Fair (IPF) each year for the last few years. Near about 20 countries participate in the fair. Now IPF is a  mega event in the South East Asia.

• BPGMEA takes all steps for image building of the plastic sector in  Bangladesh.

• It maintains close relations with global plastic industries & associations and participating various fairs in the foreign countries usually.