About Us

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BPGMEA) Website.

BPGMEA is a trade body that represents 100% of manufacturers and exporters of plastic products in Bangladesh. The fundamental objectives of BPGMEA is to coordinate and promote the interest of BPGMEA’s all kinds of members and to facilitate and stimulate sector’s investment, development of trade, commerce & industrialization, to establish a healthy business environment for a close and mutually beneficial relationship between the local manufacturers & exporters of Plastic products. 

The Association is governed by the D.T.O rules and it is incorporated with the country’s apex trade body FBCCI. BPGMEA an organization with total members of 2300 industries of Plastic Sector, set up in 1987 under License from Ministry of Commerce, GOB. BPGMEA is the dignified member of Asia Plastic Forum (APF). BPGMEA is now one of the strongest and the most effective trade Associations in Bangladesh.  


As a matter of fact, the exponential growth of the plastics sector, investment, employment, significant and visible changes in domestic and export trade are accelerating economic progress. Packaging, PP Woven, Toys, Crockery, Furniture are notable among other sub-sectors of the plastic sector. Now production and marketing of plastic products worth around Tk. 40,000 crore domestically. This sector provides revenue approximately Tk. 3500 crore annually to the government exchequer. Plastics sector exports (direct & indirect) equal to 1.2 billion U S dollars. At present, the country’s plastic industry ranks 6th in direct & indirect exports. On the other hand, over 6000 plastic industry has been developed in the country including big, medium & small scale. About 12 lakh peoples are dependent on this sector. Plastic products are being exported to all over European Countries including USA, Canada, various Asian countries such as China, India, and Nepal, whole of 126 markets of the world. The growth of plastic sector is increasing at the rate of 20%. We believe compliant and sustainable attitudes towards the business will not only ensure a better business environment but also will help the sector to attract more customers and quality investment. 


The Association believes in contributing to a national economic transformation that impacts national economic efficiency & competitiveness and producing quality employment and investment in a way that complements Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) sustainability as well as compliments the national SDG implementation strategy. We stay focused to generate benefits for our members while also continuing the up gradation with the national and international industry standards and requirements. 

I look forward to a productive successful presidency and invite each of you to participate, and most important is to become involved actively. Both I and our board are excited about the opportunity to serve our membership and engage with related stakeholders and broader communities in mutually productive ways. BPGMEA, with the cooperation and support of its members and other plastic related organizations, would continue to serve the business community, government and all other stakeholders. 


BPGMEA is launching its new website with the aim of dissemination of information for the business at home and abroad. 

I humbly take this opportunity to request all concerned to help us in this direction by providing intellectual inputs to the website as well as their contribution. I invite you to come and join us in our pace setting endeavor in the changed scenario of world business.


We trust you will find this website useful.


Thank you all.


Shamim Ahmed

Bangladesh Plastic Goods
Manufacturers & Exporters
Association (BPGMEA)