About Us


Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BPGMEA) is a fully accredited & affiliated national representative body of Plastic Industries & Trade. Having 2300 members, BPGMEA represents the interest of plastic industries and its trade both in home and abroad. An Association of Plastic Goods Manufacturers was first formed in the year 1987 with its registration with the registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Ministry of Commerce. The following year, it received registration of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


The principal objectives of the Association are to promote the development of plastic industry and engage in providing the assistance about the growth of plastic related products. With that end in view the association already set up a training institute “Bangladesh Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology” at Pangaon Container Port Road, Ainta, Keranigonj, in which trained workers are being produced. BPGMEA has been organizing International Plastic Fair for the last 15 years with a rapidly growing number of participants and visitors each year.

Plastic Industries of Bangladesh are mainly engaged in manufacturing of different products like PVC Pipe, Garments accessories, Hanger, Poly Bag, Polythene Bag, Plastic Household products, Jute and Textile Spares, Toys, Crockeries items, Plastic Waste Recycling, Computer Accessories, Plastic Furniture, Poly Propylene Woven, Flexible Packaging and many others. Plastic use in agriculture sector, Automobile, Electric and Electronics are booming. Total Plastic Raw Materials import is about 20 Lakh MT (Inbond+Nonbond import) per annum and per capita plastic consumption is 9/10 kgs. Import of Plastic resin is increasing by 10% per annum and the domestic demand is also growing at the rate of 20%. This confirms that plastic is a material of choice and is used in all sectors of the economy such as infrastructure, construction, agriculture, consumer goods and telecom as well as in packaging. 


The exponential growth of the plastics sector, investment, employment, significant and visible changes in domestic and export trade are accelerating economic progress. Packaging, PP Woven, Toys, Crockery, Furniture are notable among other sub-sectors of the plastic sector. Now production and marketing of plastic products worth around Tk. 40,000 crore domestically. This sector provides revenue approximately Tk. 3500 crore annually to the government exchequer. Plastics sector exports (direct & indirect) equal to 1.2 billion U S dollars. At present, the country’s plastic industry ranks 6th in accomoding direct & indirect exports. On the other hand, about 6000 plastic industry has been developed in the country including big, medium & small scale. Over 12 lakh peoples are dependent on this sector. Plastic products are being exported to all over European Countries including USA, Canada, various Asian countries such as China, India, and Nepal, whole of 126 markets of the world.