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An Association of Plastic Goods Manufacturers was first formed in the year 1987 with its registration with the registrar of Joint Stock Companies and the Ministry of Commerce under the name of Bangladesh Plastic Drabya Prostutkarak Association. The following year, it received registration of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

From mid 1980’s the growth of Plastic Industry in Bangladesh has always marked an average of more than 15% each year. With this growth the quality of the industry and its products succeeded in becoming world standard. Nearly all the domestically used plastic products are now being manufactured here in Bangladesh. This has in turn helped the industry to move into export market. The first step towards export of plastic items by Bangladeshi Industries started during later part of the 1980’s in the form of indirect export, mainly as backward linkage for our garment industry.

Our Plastic Industry, as a backward linkage support for export items started to move forward with the support of the Government policies during early 1990’s when bond facility for the deemed export of plastic item was introduced. Within a short span of years nearly all the items of plastic that are required for garments packing and for packaging of other export items started to be manufactured here in Bangladesh.

Simultaneously a number of factories successfully started to directly export plastic items from Bangladesh. As the number of exporting industries increased the number of the Association’s membership kept increasing. The exporting member’s strength gave the Association a new dimension and strength. Consequently the Association was registered in the year 2002 in the name of Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BPGMEA).

BPGMEA is now one of the strongest and the most effective trade Associations in Bangladesh. Its active role in policy formulations, negotiations with the government bodies and its exposure to the overseas plastic industries has been praiseworthy.

The membership of BPGMEA is steadily increasing. The facilities and the support rendered by BPGMEA to its Members and as whole to the plastic industry have been working as a catalyst to the industrial growth in Bangladesh.

BPGMEA is involved in the following regular activities for the benefit of its members :

The Executive Committee members of BPGMEA hold at least one monthly meeting to ensure best possible services to its members.

BPGMEA is committed to the protection of its members by assisting them to register their Patent Trade marks. Disputes regarding the patented goods are coordinated and settled at the association’s office by its standing committee members.