Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BPGMEA) is a private sector association which represent all kinds of plastic goods manufacturers of Bangladesh and it has got about 1,000 members.

The principal object of this Association is to safeguard the interest of the plastic sector in Bangladesh and development of trade between national and international fields.


History of BPGMEA

Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers Association (BPGMA) is a private sector association and also representing our country total plastic goods industries with more than 700 members.

The main activities of the association are to assist the industries related to plastic goods manufacturing. It represents the plastic industry as a whole to deal with matters relating to Government regulations, patent rights, import and export regulations etc. The association serves as a contact point for overseas companies who desire to buy or sell or create a contact in Bangladesh for Plastic products.

The industrial growth in plastic sector in Bangladesh began at around the year 1980. Prior to that plastic sector industry was on such a small that it is not wroth mentioning. A gradual growth in the plastic industry was noticeable from the year 1980 to the year 1990. A large number of injection grade and film grade plastic industries were set up during this period and this sector started to play a significant role in the national economy. Since then the plastic industries started to move faster than the other sectors.

The processing technology and the equipment initially came from India, followed by Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, Singapore and some European countries.

Today, we have around 3000 small, medium and large size plastic goods manufacturing units with around 1 million workforce directly or indirectly employed in this sector.

Some of the products that we manufacture in Bangladesh are several types of extrusion material, molding, thermosetting conversion like manufacturing of PVC pipe, shopping bag, injection molding products, garment bag, woven bags, PET/PE bottle, laminated packages, making of profile, rigid sheet, garments accessories, house hold products, cosmetics, medicine packs etc. Most of these industries are based in Dhaka, our capital, and cater to our local demand as import substitute. Since around mid 1990s we have stated to set up better grade and more sophisticated plastic industries. Today we have several factories engaged in plastic goods export from Bangladesh. Most of the export factories are enhancing their capacity to meet the overseas demand. We have been exporting reasonable quantity of film plastic, garment accessories made of plastic, household plastic items to many countries of the world.

Bangladesh imports more than 150,000 metric tons of plastic raw materials each year and it is continuously growing. We do not have any poly-olefin unit in Bangladesh. Therefore, nearly 100 percent of our polymers are imported. Bangladesh has been exploring petroleum fields with the assistance of foreign exploration companies and we have a good reserve of natural gas. There is a good prospect for setting poly-olefin plant in Bangladesh.
We are developing nation and are yet to achieve world-class standard in many items of plastic products. We lack in modern technology, our capital resources are limited compared to many developed countries. But we are yet to attain the world standard knowledge on the plastic sector and also participate in various kinds of international plastic fair.

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