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Brief description of plastic products:

A) Retail Packaging: Plastic containers for food and non-food products; packages for retail sales; cosmetics and industrial packages; woven sacks, garbage bags, butcher bags, industrial films, polythene sheets, plastic hangers, gloves, ropes, freezer bags, etc.

b) Industrial and bulk packaging: Woven sacks for food grain, chemical, fertilizer, cement, poultry food, rain protectors, green-house films, etc.

c) Household uses: Tableware and kitchenware, pet bottle, chair, table, bathtub, jug, mug, bucket, container, food box, flasks, plates, glasses, spoons, soap case, toilet brush, pan, toys, artificial flowers, clock, etc.

d) Office Equipment: Ball pen, marker, paperweight, scale, desk calendar, file cover etc

e) Building Materials: Door, Windows frame, pipes, pipefittings, Electric cables, electric switches, water tanks etc.

f) Engineering Parts & Industrial parts Cone, Bobbin, Silver Can, Screw, Containers, Drums, Plastic spare parts for machinery etc.

g) Medical Instruments: Blood Bag, Medicine Container, Injection, Saline Bag, Medicine packages etc.

h) Agricultural Products: Plastic pipe, Drum seeder etc.

i) Poultry & Fishing: Pot, Jar, Fishing Net, Fishing Ball, Egg Crate, Fish Crate etc.

j) Automobile & Cycle Parts: Cars bumper, Handle grieve cover, Back light, Spoke light, Dash board etc

k) Electronics & Electric sector: Calculator, Plaque, Holder, Multi Plaque, Regulator, Cables, Fridge and TV parts, etc.

l) Textile Articles: Polyester yarn.

m) Engineering Products: Accessories for electronic, electric products, etc.

n) Musical Products: Video/audio cassettes, etc.

o) Garment Accessories items: Button (Button & Elastic Button), Chemical, Corrugated Carton, Elastic & Drawstring, Embroidery, Gum Tape & Twill Tape, Hanger, Interlining, Multi Items, Packaging, All kinds of food & non-food packaging, Padding, Poly Bag, PP Band, Labels, Quilting & Padding, Resin, Sewing Thread, Screen Print, Zipper, etc.

(p) Plastics in agricultural applications: Plastic pipes are used extensively for irrigation purposes. Also, farmers are now using plastic films for shredding crops.

Plastic containers, boxes, crates and cartoons are widely used for transportation of agricultural products.

A wide range of plastics are used in agriculture, including, polyolefin, polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Ethylene-Vinyl Accetate Copolymer (EVA), Poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) and, in less frequently, Polycarbonate (PC) and poly-methyl-methacrylate (PMMA).

Plastics use like Crop production, improve food quality and reduce the ecological footprint, better vegetables and fruits production.